Rebates for Residential Units

Heating, cooling, air conditioning rebates from Fortis BC

Rebates for Residential Units

Find out how the latest Fortis Rebates can work for you and your home.

Ducted System Incentives Rebate is available from April 1, 2024, to Jun 30, 2024 on certain equipment.

There are also rebates available from Clean BC.

Information on current Fortis BC rebates

  • CleanBC Grant (Provincial) – receive up to $3,000 for Heat Pump rebates
  • FortisBC high efficiency gas rebates:
    • Combi Boiler: $1,500 rebate
    • Tankless: $1,000 rebate
    • Expires Dec 31, 2023
Do you have questions about the Rebate process?
If you have questions about how the process works, call or email us! We will be happy to support you. Alternatively, contact us for a free estimate for your Commercial or Residential HVAC Service, Installation or Repair.